About Us

Us in Beirut

We are Maureen and Paul, a husband and wife photography team living in Glasgow, Scotland with our wonderful baby boy. Our photography career began modestly in the mid 2000s; documenting our travels with a small, scuffed camera hastily thrown into our luggage as we embarked on 18 months living and travelling overseas. Almost a decade and a half on, our cameras may be bigger and technique more sophisticated, but it is that same passion for intrepid travel that is at the heart of our work.

We have spent countless hours pounding streets all over the world, constantly motivated to stay curious and capture fleeting moments of beauty that truly bring places to life. Suffice to say, every ache, blister and worn sole (of which there have been many) has been worth it for the privilege of sharing our work with like-minded people. We remain humbled that thousands of homes and businesses across the world choose to display our prints.

Our aim is to provide an authentic perspective of the places we visit with photos that reveal further depths on the second, third and fourth look. In fact every time you see our prints we hope you spot something new. From subtle architectural details to striking street scenes, we often find inspiration in overlooked perspectives.

Most importantly, however, we feel a real connection to each one of you who buys our work. We aim to offer a friendly and personal service and try to accommodate custom requests as much as possible. We also love hearing the stories behind why you chose our photography and your own connection to the subject of our prints, so please share your stories with us either directly via email or on our social channels.